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Strike Zone Customers*

Sunday December 9th, The Strike Zone will open at 2 pm for our employees to enjoy our Christmas Luncheon. Thank you for your understanding.

Hey Guys! Are you a serious gamer? Come on out and check out our new Virtual Reality room here at The Strike Zone! You can rent Pods for 15 or 30 Minutes, or even an hour. Play alone, or share a pod with friends. 

Hours are:

Tuesday - Thursday 5pm - 9pm

Friday 5pm - 11pm

Saturday 2pm - 11pm

Sunday 2pm - 8pm

Check our out website at 


Download the Clover app and Start Earning Free VR Time. Please Notify the Desk Asociate that you have the app and are signed in before you begin!


Also don't forget to sign up for Kids bowl

free!!! The New Year Starts In March


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Strike Zone rules and regulations!

 While at The Strike Zone, children 15 and under must remain with a parent or guardian at all times.

Courteous behavior is expected from all guests and staff. Loud or abusive language will not be tolerated.

The Strike Zone is a tobacco free environment. NO smoking, snuff, chewing tobacco or any form of tobacco products including "E" cigarettes are allowed in the building.

Any person under the age of 21 caught consuming alcoholic beverages or anyone contributing to the drinking of a minor will be prosecuted.

Loitering and solicitation are prohibited at The Strike Zone.

*A guardian must be 18 years or older who accepts responsibility for the conduct, supervision, and safety of the underage guest.

All pants and shorts must remain pulled up during your visit

Our Rules & Regulations are enforced to provide a safe and enjoyable experience at The Strike Zone. Any violations should be immediately reported to the manager on duty.



Book Your Bowling In Advance! If you are planning on heading our way, book it online now. You can guarantee a lane or two for you and friends, and pay now with web res. Several different options so you don't miss out! As always it is based on available lanes.




Hassle Free Birthday Parties

Rain or Shine, a Strike Zone Birthday Party is always possible!
Click Here for Details!


The Strike Zone has a large banquet facility that can accommodate your meeting and party needs. Anniversaries, club functions, reunions... whatever the situation, we can help make it a success.